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The United States Bocce Team

The Ferry Bocce League is proud to have it's very own, lead the United States Bocce Team™.

Benji Tosi is the Ferry Bocce League instructor, a Professional Bocce Player, and captain of the U.S.A. Bocce Team.

Benji Tosi has traveled abroad studying the game of bocce, training in Italia, and participating in numerous tournaments, and it is this knowledge, expertise, and skill that he shares with Ferry Bocce League participants, during league play and special events.

As captain of the U.S.A. Bocce Team, Benji and his teammates have played in tournaments in, Rijeka, Croatia, Casablanca, Morocco, and Lima, Peru, within the past couple of years.

While the U.S.A. Bocce Team has traveled worldwide collecting, many miles, participating in multiple tournaments, earning "W's," there is still pallinos to touch, shots to be taken, and accolades to claim.

The Future is bright for the U.S.A. Bocce Team, and there is much more to accomplish.  Are you ready to take this journey with U.S.A Bocce Team?

The Ferry Bocce League supports the U.S.A. Bocce Team, and we'd like to ask you to step off the sidelines and on to the courts, and put your support behind Benji Tosi and the U.S.A. Bocce Team, they play for you.

Next Tournament will be in France - 2019

Benji- Ferry Bocce

Tournaments Participated

Rijeka, Croatia 2015 World Championships

Lima, Peru 2016 Pan-American Championships -

Bronze Medal in Combination (Gadaleta)

Casablanca, Morocco 2017 World Championships -

Bronze Medal in Singles (Gadaleta, and 5th place in Doubles (Tosi/Gadaleta)

Lima, Peru 2018 Pan-American Championships

The U.S.A. Bocce Team Members

Team Captain - Benji Tosi

Giuseppe Gadaleta

2017 Bronze Medalist World Championships, Casa Blanca, Morocco

Michael Luna

Lucciano Vergara


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