Rivalry Week!

Week 3 of the Ferry Bocce League, is Rivalry Week!  Rivalry Week of our current season, was host to some amazing matches, which resulted in some major bragging rights!

Our prime time match-up was between long time rivals, Trikecicular Manslaughter and LaunchCapital, and they didn’t disappoint.  The rivalry between these two teams have been brewing all year, and was further propelled when Trikecicular Manslaughter won the 2015 Spring Season Tournament of Champions.  LaunchCapital, also won a Tournament of Champions this year, but went a step further to guarantee their dominance for our current season.

During our three week off season, LaunchCapital acquired a major player and a significant piece of the Trikecicular Manslaughter team, Ward Davis.  Not only did this switch the tide of power in the way of LaunchCapital, but has definitely added to the rivalry and put a target on Ward’s back (pallino).  Who will win the division?


Honorable Mentions:

Bobby B. and The Shoreline Band (13) vs. Going Coastal (8)

Sex, Drugs, and Bocce Ball (13) vs. HSBC (6)

Boccecrats (13) vs. Dogpatch Howlers (11)

deBoccery (13) vs. Rolling Thunder (12)

deBoccery (13) vs. Paramount Group (3)

Trikecicular Manslaughter vs. LaunchCapital

Trikecicular Manslaughter vs. LaunchCapital